Company Profile

Company Profile

Welcome to Qirana Furniture, a manufacturer and exporter of teak furniture and other kinds of wood, both outdoor and indoor. The company was established in 2001 and has progressively grown.

All the timber used in the making of our furniture is cultivated from government certified plantation controlled by Perhutani State Forestry to ensure reforestation and the protection of rain forests vital to the world’s ecosystem.

A grade teakwood means free of any defects, free of knots, no white streaks, no sapwood and looks in similar color.
For the sturdy construction, kiln dried  wood will make the products stand beautifully in your garden and no matter what season you have.

For us, good selected teak means free of any defects, free of knots, no sapwood and looks in similar color.

Good selected teak wood

Every piece of our furniture is manufactured and quality controlled with attention. Good joints, well constructed, high grade brass hardware, good quality glue, smooth sanding finished and packaged securely will ensure that our product comes to the customer’s place at good condition.

The Process

Wood drying is to ensure that any shrinking is limited to the drying process. The dried kiln wood will specify its moisture content. Basically, wood will stabilize at MC 8%-14%. The dried wood will keep strong, moderately elastic and hard when it comes to furniture.

Almost of our products are made in knockdown construction to minimize the delivery cost and the joinery are made by mortice tenon. This will keep the precision and enable you to assemble the products easily.

Kiln Chamber

Our knock-down designed is properly constructed using the best proven methods of mortice and tenon joints, wooden dowel and exterior glue in the joints so no movement is  possible.

The problem with self-assembled furniture is that the construction necessarily has to be simple so that the average person can put it together.

Fold-able and knockdown pieces are packed in carton box while the stack-able pieces or full assembled are in corrugated wrapping paper.
Based on special customer’s request, the packaging is available in additional Styrofoam or foam sheet to keep the products secure while transportation.

We offer a wide range of products made of teak and other wood.
We are taking pride in being able to discuss and design a special piece of furniture for you, we hope you will enjoy our collections.

Should you need any further information on our detail and complete products, then your most welcome to contact us.

Looking forward to hear from you.