It is summer time. Your holiday is your happiness. Make your holiday becoming the best holiday you have by sun bathing under the summer sun on CARITA SUN LOUNGER. Feel the sun kiss on your skin. Give your skin its fresh feeding as it deserves.

The timeless and durable design are characterized by its casual comfort and laid-back proportions, CARITA SUN LOUNGER becomes the perfect place to unwind. This lounger has two wheels back which is easy to move. You only need to push it, then the wheels will roll. In the front, this lounger has embedded legs, so it will not make you shift when lying down on it. The leg rest is too long nor short. For the laid back proportion, you can adjust to your desire.

CARITA SUN LOUNGER – CARITA comes from the name of beautiful beach in Banten Province, Indonesia. This beach has a very sloping edge with calming waves, combined with the landscape of Krakatau mountains. That’s why this lounger suits to place in the beach.

This lounge is so sturdy, so you don’t need to be worried it will be broken easily. This lounge is weather-resistant and moldy-resistant as well. No matter what season you have, this lounger will be in the same color.

You can add cushion on your lounge to make you more comfortable lying down there. Just choose soft and cool cushion.

This lounge has neutral finish. It’s less darker brown. It really suits to the nature. The soul of nature will blend well with your lounge. You can place it in the poolside or shore. For the best outside view, you can put it on your veranda. Just lying down, take a breath, and feel the breezy weather. Don’t allow negative vibes ruin your parade. Spend your lazy time on your holiday on this CARITA SUN LOUNGER.